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Professional tree removal services in Adelaide

At All Tree & Stump Removal, we understand the dangers of poorly maintained and overgrown trees better than anyone. Stormy weather and persistent wind can cause branches to break off and fall, causing damage to your property. In some cases, trees can even completely fall over, and the resulting havoc is something nobody should have to experience.

If you’ve noticed a tree in your garden that looks like it could fall, get in touch with our team. We’ll send someone out to provide a free, no obligation consultation, letting you know the risks your trees are posing and how these dangers can be prevented. 
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Emergency tree removals

Has a tree fallen on your property following stormy weather? If so, call our team immediately on
0439 686 959 and we’ll remove it as quickly and safely as possible. 

We understand that this can be a distressing time, but our professional team have the knowledge and expertise to get it removed quickly so that you can get the repairs underway.

Can your tree be removed?

If your trees are regulated, significant or protected, they may require assessment and council approval before they can be removed. Please see the guidelines below to see if your tree applies.
  • Regulated trees have a circumference of at least two metres when measured from a metre off the ground
  • Significant trees have a trunk circumference of at least three metres when measured from a metre off the ground
Please note, these are guidelines only and there are many exceptions based on location and species. For a more detailed understanding, call our friendly team and request a professional assessment today.
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To find out more about our high-quality tree removal services, or for a free quote,
call our friendly team on 0439 686 959

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